For over thirty nine years, DexBender has assisted both private and public entities in the successful completion of a variety of projects. 

beautiful Bella Vida community

Past Projects

In addition to projects related to residential, commercial, and marine development, our experience includes assisting public entities with projects such as gopher tortoise preserves, water management systems, and transportation networks.  The projects listed below represent a small sample of the successfully completed projects for which DexBender has provided environmental services.


Argo Ranch

Bowditch Point Public Docking Facility

Bowman’s Beach Gopher Tortoise Relocation Site

Caribbean Cove

Crystal and Plantation Parcel

Hamilton Greens

Indian Fields Transmission Line Replacement

Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project (LASIP) Mitigation Area

Orange River Landing

Pink Shell Docks

Porpoise Point Multifamily Dock

Saint Charles Yacht Club

Tarpon Point Marina

Winkler 10 Acre RPD

Zemel Property Cape Coral Comprehensive Plan Amendment