Indian Fields Transmission Line Replacement

The project involved the replacement of five power poles located within the Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve (MPAP) which were damaged during Hurricane Charlie. Four of the power poles were located within mangrove wetlands and one of the poles werelocated at the base of a Native American archaeological site. Given the historic and ecologically sensitive nature of the project, it was necessary to coordinate with the MPAP and the Florida Division of Historic Resources in addition to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commision, and U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. In order to avoid impacts to mangrove wetlands, a helicopter was utilized during installation of the poles and associated caissons. Installation of the power poles was completed in March of 2009 with minimal or no impacts to cultural or environmental resources. In addition to the permitting services, DexBender also provided water quality monitoring during installation of the power poles and continues to provide environmental monitoring of the installation sites.